A downloadable game for Android

Originally hosted on the BlackBerry app store: https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59957346

Source: https://github.com/footballhead/hangman-bbw

It's the classic game Hangman! Try to guess the word before you get hanged!

The bulk of the work was done in the 48 hour Hackathon at BlackBerry in 2015. Probably an additional 24 hours more was put in for polish... Then I ported it to a later Android SDK in 2018.

Install instructions

This may not install on corporate or other managed phones since the administrator may disallow installing third-party (non-Google Play) apps.

To install on your phone:

  • Download hangman-v1.apk
  • Open in your file browser of choice
  • Accept additional permissions (if necessary)
  • Install


hangman-v1.apk 1 MB